About the Process

 A note from our founder


The best way to get to know someone is to talk with them. In person. With an open heart, and a curious mind. 

That is how I gather your stories: through a series of one-on-one interviews in which we delve into the particulars of your life.

My intention is that you are always comfortable, and that you feel welcomed and heard. I create space for you to share, and I listen. I prompt and steer the conversation according to my years of experience as both a seasoned journalist and as a compassionate soul, so that you delve deeper than you thought possible, so that you remember not only the details that bring your stories to life, but also the wisdom and the emotions that give your experiences meaning.

Getting to know you through these interview sessions is a privilege I do not take lightly. It has been the culmination of my dreams post–media career: to use all that I honed as a magazine editor, and all that I have learned as an ever-evolving citizen of the world, to guide you in your journey of remembrance.

I am honored to create your legacy in an heirloom book. And I can’t wait to hear your stories!


The Process: An Overview

Modern Heirloom Books helps you tell the stories you want to preserve, through words & pictures, in a luxurious coffee table book.


/ Memories are worth preserving. We:

• interview you to elicit the stories that shaped your life

• interview family members or other designated individuals to gather wisdom and stories for your book

• comb through old letters, journals, or family memorabilia to find relevant and moving passages

• identify storylines and suggest book presentation options

• write and edit the contents of your book

• make multiple versions of your book for friends and family

/ Photographs tell stories. We:

• help you locate and sync photos from all of your devices

• organize and curate your digital images and loose photographs

• retouch, color correct, and enhance photos

• edit and design customized layouts for the book you envision

• bring your coffee table book to life with heirloom-quality materials

Your story is unique. So:

Every project begins with a free phone consultation that typically lasts about 30 minutes. This is an opportunity for me to get a feel for what type of book you are hoping to create, and for you to get a sense of me as your interviewer. 

We’ll also talk broad strokes about the investment of time and money in the project, and set up an in-person meeting if appropriate.


Ready to begin preserving your stories?