Share your story. And inspire more.


Who wants a book that sits on a shelf collecting dust, all but forgotten? No one.  At Modern Heirloom Books, we partner with you to create the personal history books you truly want:


A book that is beautiful.

That is so exquisite, so tantalizing to touch, that it demands pride of place on the coffee table in your family room.


A book that begs to be opened.

That can be turned to any page, not just the first, and tell a story that grabs the reader, engages and reveals.


A book that sounds like you.

A book that imparts your life stories with compassion, humor, and love.


A book that gives enduring
value to your stories.

For the next generation and beyond. A book that reflects the life you have led, the memories that hold the most meaning, and the personal and family history you want to preserve.


A book that tells your stories, plural.

Your life cannot be reduced to one single narrative, told from beginning to end. A straight chronology of your life story would be B-O-R-I-N-G, and, more importantly, miss the mark at conveying the essence of you.


A book that encourages interaction

That compels readers to say, “Remember when…” and “That’s just like the time….” That inspires them to relate, and to share their own stories.


Your stories matter. Take time to preserve them.