Preserving your legacy, exquisitely.

Modern Heirloom Books is the best resource for helping you preserve and share your stories beautifully.

At the heart of our process is a series of in-person interviews (many people tell us they value this story sharing process as much as they do their final book!).

We expertly curate your “stuff”—old photos from boxes, digital family photos from phones and hard drives; hone your memories; elicit stories that surprise and delight; and design a book that is graphically and narratively evocative.

We’ll take a journey of discovery together, and present you with a modern book of life that will resonate for generations to come—and that you will revisit again & again.


Transform your memories into an exquisite—tangible—treasure.


Meet founder & personal historian Dawn M. Roode.




Personally, I believe in having an open heart, and feel most alive when connecting with other people. I value long pauses and white space, story sharing and marginalia. I’m an outgoing introvert, a really good hugger, and an old (and curious) soul. Infectious laughter lifts me up. Books surround me. And my family—well, my family is everything.

Professionally, I am a longtime lifestyle editor and designer. I have worked with top talent as a managing editor at Harper’s Bazaar, Latina, Child, and Parenting magazines. As production director at Vogue and a consultant at other national titles including Vanity Fair, I optimized images from some of the world’s leading photographers and prepared page designs for print.

In the last few years, I have had my share of personal loss. During that time I experienced the joys, overwhelming demands, and emotional rollercoaster of being a caregiver. My experience losing my one-of-a-kind mother, my live-in grandmother, and my beloved mother-in-law in a few short years—and mining for a family history where one was not readily available to me—have led me to this place.

Not only do I strive to give you the gift of a beautiful, custom, heartfelt book celebrating your life and the lives of your loved ones—but I also hope to walk the journey with you as you give voice to your memories and see your stories take shape.

Together, we are creating a lasting memory book to be passed through the generations. There is no better occupation of my time, and there is no better gift you can give to yourself. Shall we begin?


My Inspiration


Despite my reluctance to get in front of the camera (I do much better asking the questions!), I took my own turn telling my story—in this case, how my mother inspired my first tribute book, and how I had an epiphany that inspired me to start Modern Heirloom Books. I hope this video touches you, and turns you into a memory keeper yourself.


Dawn M. Roode is a proud professional member of the Oral History Association, New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, and Biographers Guild of Greater New York, and is certified by APPO, the Association of Personal Photo Organizers.